eVolution’s Smart Energy Solution (SES) was built and designed from the ground up with one goal in mind –  to reduce operators’ energy consumption by up to 35% annually. SES achieves this unmatched cost reduction by deactivating base stations during low traffic demand, while insuring that subscribers are provided with the same high quality of service.

SES is a fully automated software solution that fits seamlessly into existing networks, eliminating the need for operators to invest additional capital in base stations as well as allows engineers to continue working as usual without having to divert their time and energy on system maintenance.

Operators that deploy SES not only enjoy a dramatic reduction in energy costs, but also have the added benefit of drastically reducing their carbon footprint. For the first time in the telecom industry, operators can now accurately match energy consumption with actual need, allowing them to consume energy in a smart, responsible and efficient manner and transforming their base station system into a highly efficient “green network.”